How do we mine the Talent of the Super Bowl Champion?

Troy Polamalu and son with Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes down on the field after Steelers win Super Bowl 43. I took Troy Polamalu son down on the field and handed him to his Dad.

Athletes are taught from day one to be a team-mate, to work hard and to try your best to win.  Winning is important!  When a football team wins the Super Bowl, if you ask the question how did they do that?  The answer would be close to the same for every team that has ever won it.  Just about every player would tell you he worked harder than he ever had in his whole career.  He would tell you that when he lined up next to his team-mate, he had a job to do and he had confidence in the guy next to him doing his job.  He would tell you that his team worked harder than any other team in football.  He would tell you that Winning is a state of mind.  He would tell you that his team had a goal to win the Super Bowl and anything else would not be good enough.

Fifty three highly talented men working on the goal of winning the Super Bowl.  Fifteen or more coaches.  Seventy plus in administration.  Another twenty or thirty running the medical and facilities.  You come up with a hundred or so highly motivated people working on the goal of winning the Super Bowl.  The players have to execute and the staff behind them have to do their job.  It all comes together and you win the Super Bowl.

Now compare that to Instagram.  Instagram had thirteen employees and in two years they went public and were worth one billion dollars.  Instagram represents the new America.  We no longer lead the world in manufacturing.  We are a knowledge based economy where technology in King.  Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. is what we lead in.  Add sports and entertainment to that mix and you have the new America.

Now in this New America, put those fifty-three highly motivated, highly achieving, Super Bowl winning athletes in a company called Super Bowls R US (SBRUS).   These guys brain storm in a room for days at a time and take all that each one of them knows and they pour it into this creative pot.  What kind of diversity would be in that pot?  How many points of views would go into that pot?  Fifty three strong winning personalities all in that pot.  Fifty three guys who since high school were used to being The Big Man On Campus.  The guys who dated the cheer leaders.  The Prom Kings.  The Homecoming Kings.

Instead of fifteen coaches, you now have fifteen business leaders, mentors, and visionaries preparing the SBRUS for the New America.  They have all the Social Media in the world to tap into. There are some of the top business minds in the country.  Ivy league corporate leaders in their fields.  Each partner has a unique background that spreads across the United States.  There is a White American who grew up a bigot and now is fighting for equal rights because his best friend is an African-American who changed his mind in college.  There is an African-American who was the first in his family to go to college and now knows the value of a college education and is preparing his children for college from the day they were born.  There is an African-American who never knew what a real family looked like until he went home on vacation with his team-mate from college and saw a real family sit down for dinner.

These Super Bowl Champions are now working in the New America.  They all have money and have invested equally in SBRUS.  Their business leaders are partners and equally invested.  They are not like the owners of the NFL franchise that won the Super Bowl when they played.  That owner was not equally invested with the players.  His portion was rightly or wrongly unevenly distributed to the advantage of the owner.  That is America.  If you own the company, then you call the shots.

SBRUS grows by leaps and bounds.  It goes public and in two years it is worth billions.  These ambitious  young men brought some things to the table that no one could imagine.  The results have been fantastic.  The same traits that propelled them to victory in the Super Bowl are now propelling them to victory once again but this time it is in the field of business.  Wall Street does not know what to make of it.  Their IPO sets records.  They are now in a position to buy their own  NFL team.

They buy a NFL team and implement all the changes they think are necessary.  Changes that they saw were necessary when they were on the other side of the ball and were helpless to do anything about.  All the players in the NFL now want to play on their team.  They win multiple Super Bowls and teach every player the SBRUS motto “We Win Because We Care About Our Players Success On and Off The Field.”

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