In the Spirit of Friendly Competition Michigan vs USC Football on and off the field

Michigan vs USC

I Played Football In the Spirit of Friendly Competition This Blog will Address Michigan vs USC Football On and Off the Field.  I Played Football at Michigan Class of 1975.  Both my sons Alex and Khaled Holmes along with my son in law Troy Polamalu played Football at the University of Southern California.  During Alex Holmes time at USC, they were the top team in College Football with back to back NCAACF National Championships and the 2002 Orange Bowl Championship.  Many people thought the USC 2002 Oange Bowl Championship team were the rightful National Champions which would have made USC 3 time back to back National Champions.  Had USC made a first down in the 2006 Rose Bowl vs Texas, then USC could have been 4 times in a row National Champions.  Impressive era in USC Football.  Alex Holmes was personally responsible for recruiting every top player on those USC teams.  Alex Holmes was recruited to USC out of Harvard Westlake High in Studio City, Ca. by Coach Paul Hackett.  Alex was admitted into the USC Marshall School of Business as a freshman which was a remarkable achievement for a freshman.  School, Football and his recruiting duties made it impossible for Alex to remain in the MBA program.   Pete Carroll became the head coach Alex’s sophomore year and the domination began.  As USC was on the rise, Michigan Football was declining.  I reminded my boys that Michigan was the all time winning-est program in College Football History.  They continued to give me a hard time.  This blog is a friendly attempt for those who know to post their info about Michigan and USC Football Players accomplishments both on and off the field.  I claimed President Gerald Ford.   Send me what you got.

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